Communities across New York are struggling with aging water and sewer lines, crumbling roads and contaminated water sources. First-hand we have seen our elected officials fail to respond to the drinking water crisis in Hoosick Falls and Petersburgh. Tistrya will be a voice in the majority fighting for Upstate New York's needs. She will work to secure additional resources that will help our Villages and Towns provide clean water, safe roads and a strong foundation for communities to grow.
We have all read the headlines and seen the sordid details of the corruption in our State Government. Tistrya is running to help clean up Albany.  Tistrya's plan will hold politicians accountable and take big money out of our politics.
Take Special Interest Money Out of Elections-
Tistrya will fight to end the LLC Loophole, which gives corporations the ability to make multiple donations under separate business names, circumventing the allowable donation limits set by law. By closing this backdoor for donations, we can limit the influence big money has on politicians in New York State.
Allow the Attorney General to Investigate Corruption in Albany-
Currently the New York Attorney General's Office is limited in their ability to investigate political corruption in Albany. Tistrya will craft legislation and vote to strengthen the independence of the Attorney General's Office so that there is a watchdog on elected officials in Albany.
Full Disclosure on State Contracts-

Tistrya will push to change how New York State does business.  She will introduce legislation that requires companies bidding on Economic Development, Construction, and Project awards to disclose, in their bids, all campaign donations to state and local elected officials so that a company's political activities are no longer shadowed in election law

Tistrya is running to pass the Women’s Equality Act and the Women’s Reproductive Health Act. She will fight to end Sexual Harassment, to end Pay Inequity, to end Pregnancy Discrimination, and she won’t let us go back to the days when being a woman was a Pre-Existing Healthcare Condition.
We need the voices of more women in the state legislature to clean up Albany.  Only 27% of New York State Assembly seats are held by women despite our state’s population being almost 52% female. Make your mark on Election Day and vote for change in Albany.
As a mother and female elected official, Tistrya knows how the fight for equal rights is not yet complete. She will be a strong voice for women and girls in Albany.

Communities across Assembly District 107 are facing an opioid crisis.  As court clerk, I saw first hand how this horrible crisis is affecting our families.  At this point, the epidemic has grown so severe everyone knows of someone who has been affected.  Our current criminal justice system is not addressing the issue in a productive way.  Too many times I have seen people turned away when asking for help because  there wasn't a bed available for them.  Too many times I have seen people treated like criminals and punished.  We need to stop treating this in a criminal manner and treat it as the medical emergency that it is.  Treatment -- not jail is the answer for people who are struggling with opioid addiction.

Protecting our natural resources, specifically clean drinking water is a top priority for me. PFOA contamination hit the northern part of Rensselaer County and we need to do more for those communities to restore clean water, which is essential to health and well-being.  We need to hold accountable the companies that created this crisis and we need to find solutions to prevent these disasters from re-occurring in our communities.  So many rural communities in AD 107 depend upon private wells for their drinking water.  We need to ensure that these wells are not contaminated.

Programs to allow aging in our homes for our seniors - There is a high population of seniors in AD 107 and we need to ensure that we have necessary structures in place to allow them to age in their homes comfortably.  Job Creation is essential to Economic Development.  I will work hard to create quality jobs with proper training programs to provide support for our seniors such as home care, transportation, and access to healthy, prepared meals.